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You can be a leading contributor in filling today’s most in-demand jobs.

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Personalized learning, cutting-edge instruction and your institutional growth are at the heart of our educational services.

Enjoy freedom and flexibility to mix and match our modular courses, full-certificate programs, course material, licensing, and diverse educational services to create a personal, custom-fit program that’s right for you.

Want to white label our courses and even integrate your own curriculum into our proprietary learning platform? No problem! We’ve got you covered. 

And because you’ll only pay for what you need, our services are affordable, too. We’ll help you save even more money with stackable certificates as a cash program to add additional revenue so you can confidently tackle your ultimate goals.


Browse our Services and see how Learning Source can partner with you.

Curriculum Services

Online Learning Platform

Faculty Support

Mentor Support

Career Services

Implementation & Client Success

Curriculum Services

Build a custom-fit program from our library of over 50+ skill-based, market-driven modular courses and full-certificate programs in technology and hands-on trades.

Solidify student career readiness and employability with access to over 2000+ hours of on-demand, critical industry content.

Evergreen curriculum is updated bi-weekly to ensure your students experience the most up-to-date information, technology, and skills to position them for a dynamic workforce landscape.

Check out our Career Paths to see course options. Can’t find the specific course you want? Let us know and we’ll build it for you!


Online Learning Platform Services

Our secure, easy-to-use Online Learning Platform is LTI Advantage Integration compliant for a seamless, one-click user experience.

Innovative desktop & mobile-ready curriculum is delivered through:


Captivating webinars, live instruction & training videos to access complex information


Browser-based labs with real-world exercises to apply critical industry skills


Intentional student communities to increase retention and simulate workplace teaming


Relevant, topical projectsto foster career readiness


Immediate feedback to quickly apply new skills and knowledge


Learner profiles & portfolios to track coursework, progress and program experience

You even have the flexibility to integrate your own curriculum onto our proprietary learning platform.


Faculty Support Services

As educators, we know there’s nothing like instructors who bring personal, timely, real-world examples into the classroom to engage students and build field excitement.
Our qualified instructors are current working professionals who will enhance your course experience by bridging theory with practice.

Assigned course instructors support your students through:

  • Live, weekly online workshops
  • Consistent office hours
  • Project management
  • Immediate feedback & grading

Mentor Support Services

As educators, we also know that personal support both in and out of the classroom (especially online!) is critical to student engagement and program completion.

That’s why Learning Source offers 1:1 mentors for your students throughout the entirety of their program.

Readily-available mentors provide individual support and coaching to guide your students through rigorous curriculum, academic habits, program management and healthy school-life balance.

Mentors help your students to thrive through:

  • Daily 1:1 support via private Slack channel
  • Weekly 1:1 coaching calls with interactive screen share & video conferencing
  • Regular 1:1 progress reviews
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Career Services

Stand out as an institution that will help their students land their dream job! 

Our expert career services team stays up to date on all the current employment trends and industry opportunities to help your students find their right fit.

Career Services will come alongside your students from the very start of their program and advocate for them right through that dream job offer.

With Career Services, your students will gain a competitive applicant edge through:

  • Regular virtual career workshops
  • Ongoing individual career coaching
  • Exclusive job prospecting
  • Personal employer networking
  • Strategic Resume writing
  • Focused Interview preparation

The modern workforce is predicted to change companies more than once during their careers. Now you can help your students find employment success – no matter life’s season.

Now that’s legacy.

Implementation & Client Success Services

Your overall success is our number one goal!

Learning Source’s Implementation & Client Success Service is our commitment to your overall success – and it begins with your very own personalized consultant.

Your personal consultant will walk you through each step of our proven, structured onboarding process, and remain your dedicated guide through continued service for the life of the partnership.

Implementation Services promote holistic client success through:

  • Dedicated Client Success Manager
  • Structured Onboarding
  • Accreditation Consulting
  • Admissions Training
  • Starter Media Kit
  • Customized Platform & Domain
  • Integration Support
  • Automated, Ongoing Student Reports
  • Automated Student Health Scores

“Demographic shifts reshaping the workforce, non-traditional work models gaining prominence, and demands for emerging skills creating a talent shortage make this the perfect time to partner with an innovative leader such as Learning Source.”

Neil Bryson, Allegis Group


Stand out as a leading contributor in filling today’s most in-demand jobs with Learning Source’s innovative, diverse education services.

We’ll help you find your perfect-fit solution.

Here Are The Programs

We Currently Offer:

Software Development:

Students will work with the most in-demand programming languages and craft an expansive coding profiles.

Data Science:

Students will learn the most in-demand programming languages and craft an expansive, professional portfolio.

Mobile Application Developer:

iOS app developers build, test, and update cutting-edge, userbased applications for iOSpowered devices.

Cyber Security:

Students learn to defend networks and master an understanding of foundational cybersecurity concepts.

Software Development:

Students will work with the most in-demand programming languages and craft an expansive coding profile. Learn More


Students will engage with the study of data, which includes analyzing, visualizing, managing and storing data to create insights. Learn More

Mobile Application Developer:

iOS app developers build, test, and update cutting-edge, user-based applications for iOS powered devices. Learn More


Students learn to defend networks and master an understanding of foundational cybersecurity concepts. Learn More

Computer Support Specialist:

Students will learn IT skills and master an understanding of computer support specialist concepts. Learn More
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