Mobile Welding Lab

Are you ready to take your welding education program to the next level?

Discover the Future of Welding Education with Our State-of-the-Art Mobile Welding Lab

Our Mobile Welding Lab is designed to provide a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience that can be transported directly to your location. This innovative solution is perfect for schools, training centers, and educational institutions looking to expand or start a welding program without the need for permanent facilities.

Features and Benefits:

A strong Administrative Assistant is often the key to a successful, thriving office! Help your students stand out in any office environment with valuable experience in:

Twelve 4ftx4ft Welding Booths

Each booth is equipped with a welding tree platform and a welder shelf platform, ensuring students have all the necessary tools to succeed.

Safety First

Welding-rated curtains, steel diamond plate anti-slip flooring, wall exhaust fans, and two fire extinguishers ensure a safe working environment for all users.

Electrical Convenience

A step-down transformer supplies electrical needs to booths and lighting, with a 110v outlet in each booth and an electrical connection pig tail at the front of the trailer for easy power hookup and disconnect.

Gas Line Feeds

Two gas line feeds (100% Argon/75/25) at each booth provide versatility in welding techniques.

Emergency Preparedness

An emergency exit side door with an exit sign and back-up flood lights ensures quick and safe evacuation if necessary.

Optimal Lighting

An 8 ft. LED light strip throughout the trailer ceiling and exterior wall pack area lighting outside the trailer ensure a well-lit working environment.

Why Choose Our Mobile Welding Lab?

Flexible and Portable

Our 53' enclosed trailer can be transported to any location, providing a versatile solution for welding education.


Avoid the high costs of building and maintaining permanent facilities. Our mobile lab offers a low-cost alternative without compromising on quality.

Fully Equipped

Designed with all the necessary features to support a comprehensive welding program, ensuring your students receive the best possible training.

Ready to Transform Your Welding Program?

Don’t miss this opportunity to provide your students with a top-notch welding education. Our mobile welding lab is the perfect solution for expanding or starting a welding program with minimal upfront investment.

Don't Have the Funds?

We understand that budget constraints can be a challenge. Contact us to discuss flexible financing options that can help make this valuable educational tool a reality for
your institution.

Discover the Mobile Welding Lab Advantage!

Take the first step towards revolutionizing your welding education program. Contact us now to learn more and schedule a demo of our state-of-the-art mobile welding lab.