Want to impact your community by filling today’s most in-demand (and growing!) human-centered jobs?

Help your students connect their heart with a thriving medical career! Check out our unique, competitive, employer-tailored Medical Programs in:

36-week program

Medical Assistant

In a digital world, the ability to navigate a human-centered industry is critical! Forbes Magazine even identified EMPATHY as the #1 Leadership Skill. 

Help your students care for their community (and make great money doing it, too!) as a Medical Assistant navigating both patient care & administration.

Your students will gain employer-tailored, hands-on training in a variety of medical procedures & laboratory techniques such as:

After completing foundational coursework, students will practice their new skills in a 160-hour Externship.

They’ll be ready to sit for Nationally-Recognized Medical Assistant Certifications that provide credibility and a competitive edge for the marketplace.

Build institutional legacy and heart-centered leaders in your community and industry that’s here to stay!

36-week program

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist

A thriving career in the medical field doesn’t always have to include patient care.

Secure our healthcare industry with students who are critical to a growing Medical Billing & Coding job field!  (8% through 2029– that’s double the national average job growth, according to BLS)

Hands-on, employer-tailored training includes: 

Give the flexibility of an in-demand (even work-from-home!) job that keeps the healthcare field humming.

Prepare your Medical Billing & Coding Specialists for FOUR Nationally-Recognized Certifications that provide credibility & a competitive edge in the marketplace.

30-week program

Medical Office Specialist

With healthcare changes and an aging population, new healthcare facilities are popping up in every community!

Imagine being known for providing the heartbeat of these facilities with students who play a critical role in medical office efficiency & patient experience.

Our interactive, holistic curriculum trains your students in:

Preparation for industry-recognized Certifications provide credibility and a competitive edge for Medical Office Specialist students.

And because we care about your success, we offer the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant Exam FOR FREE if students take it within 3 months of program completion.

Train your students to be the voice and face of their workplace office–  and build a thriving community for years to come.

5-week program

Nurse Aide

Reflect the depth and diversity of patient care by offering a critical program position that can literally make or break a patient’s experience: Nurse Aide.

In this short but mighty program, your students will develop critical skills in clinical care, restorative services & nursing to serve clients in a variety of settings, including long-term care.

With hands-on, clinical experience, your students will be trained in:

Nurse Aide students will be prepared to sit for their Certified Nurse Aide & CPR Certifications to provide credibility & a competitive edge in a vast, vibrant healthcare system.

33-week program

Pharmacy Technician

Play a fundamental role in the health and safety of your community by training your students to become Pharmacy Technicians!

Your pharmacy technicians will find diverse work settings & opportunities as the “face” of the pharmacy.

Train your students in real-time critical knowledge and hands-on experience in:

Prepare your Pharmacy Technicians to sit for Nationally-Recognized Certifications that provide credibility & a competitive edge in a growing healthcare marketplace.

Be a brand that’s known for keeping its community humming with Pharmacy Technicians who keep it healthy.

Stand out as a leading contributor in filling today’s most in-demand jobs with Learning Source’s innovative, diverse education services. Learning Source can help get you there.

We’ll help you find your perfect-fit solution.