As an Education Partner, Learning Source is far more than just a learning platform. It’s a full-service education provider that supports you with everything needed to start your journey in online education.


Our cutting-edge courses will ensure your students stay immersed in their education. Give your students the ability to master their programs online and gain a meaningful understanding that will benefit your organization.


Up-to-date course content that is designed to match industry standards. Our curriculum focuses on getting your organization the human capital it needs to succeed in both the short term and long term.


Your online platform wouldn’t be complete without instructors to teach your courses. Learning Source's Education Partner includes skilled instructors that we oversee and manage to ensure that your students are receiving the best education possible.


Our Education Partner includes skill tracking and assessments to make sure your students are maximizing their education. In addition, employers will be able to view the skillsets your students have developed, which speeds up the hiring process.


Learning Source also offers a mentorship program to companies. These mentors, who consist of previous graduates, will walk students through their time in your program, offering additional guidance and assistance.


We can handle all your marketing needs as well. Whether it’s finding a target audience, market research, advertisement production, campaign management, or lead generation/conversion, we've got you covered.

Career Services

Prepare your students for their careers with our top-of-the-line professional development. Students will draft resumes, practice with mock interviews, and work with our career center to lock down employment opportunities.

Who Uses Education Partners?

Online program management providers work to provide all sorts of organizations with education and support. Colleges, universities, high schools, trade schools and even small businesses could benefit from an Education Partner.

The Benefits Of An Education Partner

An Education Partner Offers A Variety Of Benefits To Your Organization, Which Include:


Learning Source can save your university or organization years. Developing a new curriculum, finding instructors, getting it all approved, and hiring programmers to build you an online platform is a lot of work. It would take an average of 4 years to get a program of our scale set up at your school or organization without our help. With Learning Source, it can be up to 10 times faster.

Custom Features

Learning Source has the best curriculum on the market thanks to its quarterly updates. Since so many schools utilize Learning Source, we are able to update the classes and curriculum with every graduating class. In addition, this updated curriculum can be modified to match your school or organization’s needs. This includes course specializations, curriculum themes or in-demand focuses.

Simple Solutions

An Education Partner will solve all your education needs without the hassle. We set up your services, learning platform, courses and classes for your organization. Learning Source is able to provide a wide range of services while simultaneously carrying the weight of setting up all those programs for your organization. We keep it simple on your end so you can worry about the important things.


The cost of setting up a program like this to your school or organization without the use of an Education Partner would be very expensive. Learning Source is the best priced program on the market thanks to scalable model. When compared to Trilogy or Pearson, there is no doubt that Learning Source is the most cost-effective option. In addition, our model allows for services to be selected by request.

Career Services

Learning Source has 10 career touchpoints that support our students throughout their education and extends into their career. These ten touchpoints are exclusive to Learning Source, which provides us with a unique advantage. They include resume building, whiteboarding, mock interviews, slack engagement, LinkedIn profile improvements, job opportunities and so much more.


Gathering new students for your new program may be more difficult than you expected. Luckily, Learning Source offers marketing services to kickstart your new program or programs. We advertise to custom target audiences, create leads, and increase your student body. Since Learning Source has years of expertise in marketing to technology students, we have locked down a good system.


Learning Source believes the key to success lies in cooperation. Our mentorship program utilizes our previous student successes and pairs them with a student currently in the program. Once matched, students will meet one-on-one with their mentors as they progress through their program. Mentors help share insight on current course content, what graduation looks like, and career development.


In addition to finding the students, Learning Source also offers admissions services so that we can handle the onboarding of new students. This includes a skills assessment along with an course placement and schedule development. This service cuts down even more work from your end and allows for Learning Source to work in it’s intended capacity.

More Than Just An Education Partner

Education Partners Provide More Than Just An Education. And Our Education Partner Provides Even More.

Designing a new curriculum, finding professors, and developing a learning platform is quite the hassle. Let us handle it.

Our curriculum is up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology and we can prove it.