Prepare your students for a full career in technology.

Learning Source has 10 career touchpoints that support our students throughout their education and extends into their career. These ten touchpoints are exclusive to Learning Source, which provides our OPM a unique advantage.

10 Touch Points

Listed are our ten touchpoints, designed to benefit your students.​

Resume Building

One of the biggest aspects of landing a job is having and maintaining a good resume. At Learning Source, we help our students build out a new resume or edit an existing one so that it matches industry standards. Since our LMS has a profile to track skills and course progression, composing a new resume should be simple for the student base. 


In addition to a resume, an understanding of the industry and the ability to explain high-level ideas is important. Students will work with career service professionals and industry experts to lock down the language and technical expressions needed to ace an interview. Our programs and their content can be complex, so simplifying it is a great skill. 

Dressing For Success​

Many of our students have not had experience with formal interviews and thus do not know how to properly dress. Our career services program not only teaches students what to wear for the interview but what everyday wear looks like. We go over what budgeting for clothes looks like, how to style and prepare your clothes, and why it’s important to dress for success. 

Mock Interviews​

Once the student has a firm understanding of the previous three steps, we introduce them to mock interviews, in which they will practice showing their skills. Many technology-based jobs require a skills interview along with an in-person traditional interview. We focus on training and preparing our students for both kinds of interviews.

Slack Engagement

Students will have access to our online Slack community. With over 4000 active members, it provides a great resource for career development. Our slack community is full of current students, previous students, instructors, industry professionals, and personal career coordinators who are willing to work with our students.

LinkedIn profiling

LinkedIn is the go-to career-enhancing website and we have the knowledge to make sure students are fully utilizing it. Along with learning new skills, students must learn about the job market they are entering, so knowing how to use LinkedIn is key. We teach students how to optimize their profiles and market themselves.

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Job Title Explanations

For all of our programs, there are many different job titles that fall under their respective program. Over the years, we’ve grown knowledgeable in all these different job titles so we can help explain the different career paths our programs can lead to. In addition, we can help guide students down the line in their careers when making changes.

Job Opportunities

Our career services have worked with hundreds of students and companies to help find jobs for students after finishing their program at Learning Source. We’ve developed quite a connection with several large companies that are always looking to hire Learning Source students. Our goal is to provide your students with the perfect start to their careers.

Personal Career Coordinator

Everything we’ve mentioned so far is quite a lot for a student to handle on their own. That’s why every student will have access to their own personal career coordinator. Our coordinators will work with students to discuss mock interviews, their resume and LinkedIn account, job opportunities, whiteboarding, and whatever else a student may need.

Career Services For Life

We believe that our programs should set up students for life. That’s why we offer our career services for the rest of your student’s careers. Their future will be brightened with our professional development know-how.

The value to your students

At the end of the day, we believe the student matters the most. Our career services program is designed for them, with their best interests in mind. Our job placement program brings real value to the student with hopes of every student finding a job as they leave the program. We’ve had great success in the past getting students placed and we expect to continue finding students a job placement post program. We have established a list of companies that prefer to hire from us and we plan to grow that list. 

Though it may not seem like a direct value to your school or organization, finding your students a job placement has lasting effects. It brings notoriety to your name, increases overall success of program-completers, and provides stability for your organization or school for years to come. And with our career services for life program, students will have a place to discuss changes in their career all thanks to their education.