Want to impact the modern workforce?

Even in a world where technology reigns, research shows the glaring need for hands-on trades in the modern workforce– and it’s not going away anytime soon!

In a physical world, goods still need transporting, buildings still need electricity, homes  still need heat, and food still needs refrigerating.
In fact, there’s never been a better (and more lucrative!) time to train your students for a flexible career in the trades.

Provide freedom and security with our hands-on, work-while-you-learn Trade Programs:

6-week program

Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator

Give your students the chance to hit the road and keep our marketplace humming as a professional intrastate and interstate truck driver!

With modern workers who desire a healthy work-life balance, your students will be able to make their own schedule in the transportation industry with training in:

Along with 11 Stackable Badges for competitive employability, students will prepare for their Class A Commercial Driver’s License.

27-week program

Electrical Technician

From a metal key tied to a kite– to today– your students will carry on the legacy and power of one of the world’s greatest modern discoveries: ELECTRICITY!

Your students will gain a competitive edge with hands-on training in:

Electrical Technician graduates begin accumulating on-the-job training hours towards state licensing for residential and commercial environments.

Help your students soar to new heights with an Electrical Technician career!

33-week program

HVAC Technician

In a physical world where energy efficiency and green technology are crucial, help your students become trailblazers in the modern HVAC industry!

Our HVAC Technician program provides state-of-the art, green-technology training in installation, maintenance and repair of residential and commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration.

Students will gain practical, hands-on experience in:

Preparation for 10 Nationally-Recognized HVAC Certifications provide credibility and a competitive edge for HVAC Technician students.

Because we care about your success, we offer the NCCER Core Certification & EPA Certification FOR FREE if students take them within 3 months of program completion. 

Between new & existing construction needing modern, eco-friendly HVAC systems, your students are sure to have work lined up for years to come. 

Become a leader in the future of green technology.

27-week program


50% of our total GNP is made up of welding related labor, products, and services, according to The American Welding Society.

Secure our economy and shape the world with a state-of-the-art Welding Program that provides vast possibilities for your students and your institution!

Position your brand as a leading contributor to sustainable, dynamic industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, energy, oil, automotive, and more.

Industry professionals will equip your students with hands-on skills such as:

Prepare students for FOUR National Certification exams for credibility & a competitive edge. We’ll even pay for the Core Certificate Exam if taken within three months of program completion.

Stand out as a leading contributor in filling today’s most in-demand jobs with Learning Source’s innovative, diverse education services. Learning Source can help get you there.

We’ll help you find your perfect-fit solution.