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Software Development

Full-stack software development is in-demand and we’ve got quite the solution. Students will learn the most up-to-date programming languages and craft an expansive, professional portfolio of coding projects with our cutting-edge, in-browser coding terminal.

Data Science

Students will engage with the study of data, which includes analyzing, visualizing, managing and storing data to create insights. Machine learning and SQL are both highlights of this immersive, online-based learning experience. 

Group 247
Group 248

Cyber Security

Provide your students with the knowledge to defend networks and help them master an understanding of foundational cybersecurity concepts. Core skills include packet and vulnerability analysis, python programming, and cyberdefense.

Mobile App Developer

iOS app developers build, test, and update cutting-edge, user-based applications for iOS-powered devices. Master Swift and Objective-C, the programming languages used in application engineering, in a project-based learning environment.
Group 249
Group 250

Computer Support Specialist

Have your students learn everything they need to know about computer support on an industry-leading platform. Whether it’s IT support or hardware maintenance, our curriculum, courses, and instructors are designed to provide a best-in-class learning experience.

The Future Of Education Partner

We’ve got four new programs getting ready for launch right now, with more to come.

HVAC Program

Our HVAC specialist program will soon allow students to train with in-demand HVAC skills like heating and cooling information, refrigeration, hydronics, and green technology. This knowledge can be paired with provided services like resume building and job placement assistance.

Solar Technology
Wind Turbine Tech
Derrick Operator

How we can customize these programs for your organization?

Learning Source has one of the best curriculums in the industry thanks to its recent and ongoing updates. Since Learning Source is utilized in so many different schools, we are able to update the classes and curriculum with every graduating class. In addition, this updated curriculum can be modified to match your school or organization’s needs.