Computer Support Specialist Program

Provides one of best computer support specialist programs on the market with Learning Source at a fraction of the cost.

What Does Our Program Cover?

Our Computer Support Specialist program allows students to train with in-demand programming languages, troubleshoot common problems in the workplace, and manage network security. This knowledge can be paired with provided services like resume building and job placement assistance.


Using our system, Students will learn how to:


Basic functions of computers
& computing systems


How to install, upgrade, & migrate to Windows operating systems


Troubleshooting &
end-user instruction


Network security &
identifying security threats

In addition to our cutting-edge online platform and curriculum, the following services are provided free of charge:

Student profile building and badge tracking:

Created by industry experts, for employers

Monitor and access how each student is doing easily with a skills bar and badge section on each profile

Curriculum created by industry experts for employers and vetted by Department of Education accreditors for rigor and outcomes with instructors meeting college level standards

Live support from:

Upgrade your plan for these much needed tools:



  • Advertise your program to a custom target audience
  • Lead generation that increases new
  • Line up against other competing schools

Career Services And Professional Development

  • Resume building & interview training
  • Job placement assistance
  • Help with identifying relevant positions in related fields


  • Student onboarding and skills assessment
  • Full service integration of student body admissions
  • Course assignment and placement

Game-changing, customizable curriculum at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Learning Source has one of the best curriculums in the industry thanks to its recent and ongoing updates. Since Learning Source is utilized in so many different schools, we are able to update the classes and curriculum with every graduating class. In addition, this updated curriculum can be modified to match your school or organization's needs.

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Show Your Progress

As A Student Progresses Through The Course, They Earn Badges To Represent Their Progress. Here Are The Badges For Computer Support Specialist:

Available career skill badges


Computer Fundamentals


Words Per Minute


Productivity Tools


Operating Systems




Computer Support Specialist




Network Security


Technical Support


Customer Service



Here are some companies who work with us to find job placement opportunities:

Group 405


Technology programs are almost useless if the content provided is out-of-date since technology is constantly changing. This is why we make sure our content is always current with industry demands. Since we are already in so many schools, we can utilize current student body bases and graduates to make sure our content is up-to-date.

Picking more than one program is highly encouraged. The more programs selected, the more opportunities your students will have. In addition, all your programs will be ready at the same time, so you can introduce the programs simultaneously. Thanks to our scalable system, the more programs the better. 
Our skill tracking system allows for your organization or school to track the growth and development of your students. As students progress through courses, skill badges will automatically be added to their student profiles. Both you and your students will benefit from this. You will have a better understanding of how far along in the process your students are and they will be to translate these badges to skills on their resumes. Career services also look at badges when outside firms come to Learning Source with the intent of hiring.