Want to be an industry leader in the digital age?

Your students are at the precipice of innovation the world has never seen– and the Tech Industry is begging for trained specialists! 

Position your students at the helm of innovation TODAY with our cutting-edge, entry-level Tech Programs:

27-week program

Computer Support Specialist

That dreaded moment when your screen goes blank, you lose that inspired draft, you just need to fix that one thing on the presentation before your meeting…  

Who do you call…? Your trusty COMPUTER SUPPORT SPECIALIST!

Any business that uses computers (and these days that’s pretty much every business!) needs a trained specialist to support its daily internal & customer computer operations. 

Your Computer Support Specialists will gain competitive, on-the-job skills such as:

Over 15 Certifications provide credibility and a competitive edge for your Computer Support Specialist students across industries.

Help your students become the workplace hero in times of tech need.

33-week program

Cyber Security

With technology’s precipitous rise, protection, security and integrity of intellectual property and sensitive data are critically important!

Equip your students to protect major IT infrastructure from cyber attacks. They’ll build expertise in security among databases, networks, firewalls and hardware in this essential industry. 

Our Cyber Security Program provides cutting-edge, hands-on training in:

Certification in ComTIA Security+ will supply credibility and a competitive edge for your Cyber Security students across numerous industries. 

Help our digital world become a safer place for generations to come!

33-week program

Data Science

Successful businesses understand the importance of how to think critically, interpret relevant data, and analyze statistics to make pivotal decisions.

Develop students who become key players in the success of any business as Data Science Specialists! They’ll learn to extract, organize and interpret large quantities of data in one of today’s hottest industries!

With critical thinking at the core, our Data Science Program provides hands-on technology training in:

Stackable Badges & Certifications (along with free, lifelong access to updated curriculum!) can secure credibility and a competitive edge for your Data Science students for years to come.

Position your institution at the helm of technology with students who tackle the most daunting data sets and transform them into pathways for innovation and change!

33-week program

Mobile Applications Development

With more than 5 billion mobile users worldwide, the demand to build new user-friendly apps & maintain existing apps is growing exponentially!

What does this mean for you and your students…? JOB SECURITY and ROOM TO GROW— with no ceiling in sight!

Train your students to deeply understand an audience and create superior, intuitive iOS applications as a Mobile Applications Development Specialist.

With comprehensive, project-based curriculum, students will learn: 

Help your students get a head start in the tech industry with their final project of building, testing, marketing & launching their very own iOS-app in the App store! 

With 10 stackable badges, what better way to present knowledge, credibility & expertise (not to mention your institution’s reputation!) to potential employers?

33-week program

Software Developer

Ranked the best industry in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, help your students learn in-demand, full-stack coding skills for a robust career in Software Development! 

Take the web by storm with students who understand cutting-edge programming languages, build databases, and design fully-functioning web applications.

Hands-on Software Developer training includes:

With 10 Stackable Badges and Certifications, your students can gain credibility and a competitive edge to jumpstart their career and extend your brand among top employers.

Help your students code their way into the future and build institutional legacy for years to come!

Stand out as a leading contributor in filling today’s most in-demand jobs with Learning Source’s innovative, diverse education services. Learning Source can help get you there.

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